Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Freaking Obscene

*&*%%$ing Obscene!

The Supreme Court is at it again. You know what I bleeping mean; trying to crack down on oscenities. It used to be that if a so-called obscenity was unleashed in the, shall we say, heat of the moment, the FCC would turn a blind eye, which some would say would be a redundancy, since the agency seems to have gone blind a long time ago. As we all know, the First Amendment of our Constitution allows us freedom of speech...unless the government says we can't have it. Now in can only be termed a butt kiss for the Bush administration, the Supreme Court again will be mulling over just how to punish raucous rockers who accidentally spew the occasional F-word, as the Supies so discreetly call it. First there was Bono, lead singer of the ultimate Irish rock group U2, who got so excited about receiving a Golden Globe for the Best Original Song that he said it was "really, really (expletive not deleted) brilliant." FCC regulators deemed his use of the F word as "fleeting" and decided to let it go, but the politically appointed FCC commission, which is different, thought otherwise. That was back in 2003, and they're still arguing about it. The year before, Her Glitziness, the one and only Cher received an achievement award from the Billboard Music Awards and used the F word to dismiss the many who had said, as far back as the high school she dropped out of, that she would never make it. That's one on them, eh? Good news is, both Cher and Bono can afford to pay the fines. So they can just tell the FCC to expletive off

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You got that completely correct, WG